"the Andre's legendary method of learning English.."

Short sentences

is that right?

for now that’s it
look at that!
lets do it
how am I gonna guess?
moving on
I wonder if there’s a sign here será que sempre afirmacao
what a beutiful difference between Pt and En
If I’m not mistaken
You guys are amazing and helped a ton with my 1st question. I'm now having trouble using ... I have made a seperate ... My professor won't let us use built in ..., so I have to ... I have been fighting with this for about 5 hours now. I believe i need to ... Please help me figure this out.
capitalized letters
might be much more needs
rely contar com
as far as I know
are you in
I"ll go with iced tea
Ill have some salad
I wonder if you see what Im getting at
I see your point
I get what you are saying
Does that sound good
it is what it is
just guess how much please come on
I am done
just give me a call
write an email to us email us
you know probably better than I do
we want to ensure that
this means
what about this and that
any questions so far
we need at least
as you might
let discuss some off topics
every wehave
wehave already agreed
I dont know how to explain it exactly but its pretty much like this
One day I could stand it no longer
no worries never mind its all good
handover transfer
regular basis
keep us updated
we are really greatful
I am André as you know
and so on
for instance
no worries
I dont care
make yourself known
I dont know if they are shy or reservated
pay an arm and a leg
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